Who We Are

Since 2005, PT TENAGA PRIMA PERSADA (TPP) was established to fulfill the customers need through engineering services.

Those engineering services are in the form of providing technical products and electrical mechanical installations to many customers in various kinds of industries, i.e. the customers from telecommunication companies, mining companies, oil & gas companies, manufacturers etc.


TPP is supported by many individual experience, expertise and knowledge that have been accumulated through the years that each individual had spent in various kinds of industries. Through those positive circumstances, TPP as a privately owned company will always try to give the best services which able to meet the customer's requirement and to become a solution for the customers need.


On 2016, TPP expanded the services to the field of Dredging, Reclamation, Bathymetry Survey, Pilling Work, Civil Work while continuing the services in providing technical product especially in cabling infrastructures and mechanical electrical installation services.


Finally, TPP hope to be known as a Qualified Contractor Company in engineering services in the field of Dredging, Reclamation, Bathymetry Survey, Pilling Work, Civil Work, Providing Technical Products and Mechanical Electrical Installations.




Being a reliable and trustworthy contractor in the field of Dredging, Reclamation, Bathymetry Survey, Pilling Work, Civil Work, Providing Technical Products and Mechanical Electrical Installations in accordance with customers need.




-          Increase the range of services across the region both at home and abroad of Indonesia

-          Increase customer′s satisfaction through operational team-work in a professional way, timely and discipline

-          Enhance customer′s confidence through the safe working method and the using of worthy and reliable equipment in achieving the target

-          Increase customer loyalty through the competitive of services and able to meet the desired target by customer

-          Improving the company's value through the quality and ability of employees (SDM)

-          Improving the management system in running the company

-          Improving the company's progress is always receptive to ideas, creativity and positive innovation of all employees

-          Improving the welfare of all employees





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